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  • Alpine Health Club
    Looking for some skinspiration..... head over to our health spa facebook page to keep up to date with all the latest tips and advice :) p.s dont forget to like it so your constantly kept up to date

    Alpine Health Spa
    Alpine Health Spa has a fresh approach to skin care, a new era of optimum skin and body wellness, professional therapists trained in the latest techniques.
    22nd August 2016 9:09

  • Alpine Health Club
    This fresh pasta salad is easy to prepare and will be on the table in no time.... The children will LOVE IT :) & you'll have lots of FUN making it with the little ones. bon appetite!

    Change4Life Recipes - Pasta salad on lettuce
    This fresh pasta salad is easy to prepare and will be on the table in no time
    16th August 2016 18:18

  • Alpine Health Club
    NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW 53% Protein Bar Now in stock ;) The hugely popular 50% Protein Bar has been taken to the next level: Multipower's new 53% Protein Bar features increased protein content and an improved recipe. With 27g protein this new 53% protein bar supports increased protein requirements when training. With fast and slow acting proteins, Multipower's 53% protein bar provides a sustained release of protein. Perfect for between meals, as a tasty treat or after training to aid muscle building and recovery. •Aspartame-free

    Timeline Photos
    16th August 2016 8:08

  • Alpine Health Club
    Lucky Anthony collecting his sweepstake winnings - got to be in it to win it - Look out for the next one in the club . Have a great weekend everyone ;)

    Timeline Photos
    12th August 2016 12:12

  • Alpine Health Club
    Its all about you - Let us guide and support you with our regular HEALTH CHECKS to keep you on track - small regular steps, make postive change - One life live it well. Enjoy the read :0)

    How to Measure Your Health and Fitness Progress
    THE BLOG How to Measure Your Health and Fitness Progress 23/02/2016 12:07 | Updated 23 February 2016 Alison Paton Writer, Crossfitter, Actress, Whenever anyone embarks on a new journey in life they throw themselves into it head first, full of motivation and nervous excitement, with a mind to succeed...
    11th August 2016 11:11

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